Kate Marshall Flaherty - Editor

I have been recommended as an editor by many Canadian poetry presses, the league of Canadian poets, Quattro Books, and Amherst Writers & Artists. I charge $60 an hour for an in-depth and editing, commentary and suggestions. I also have a fixed fee for a complete project from beginning to being publisher ready. Contact me, and check out the testimonials 🙂

Testimonial from Poet Tom Barwell

“Katie has a keen eye, intelligence and refinement.  She poses interesting questions as an editor, and shows great respect for a poet’s voice.  I found her wonderful to work with.”

~ Tom Barwell

Testimonial from Poet Kate Rogers

“Kate Marshall Flaherty was a patient and skillful editor for my poetry collection. During our detailed Skype consultations about my manuscript Katie drew from her deep understanding of poetic craft and form.  She treated me and my poems with both kindness and precision. I chose to participate in Katie’s Sanctuary retreats on the strength of her work with me as an editor. I have joined Katie’s retreats more than once because of her fine-tuned sensitivity to us as participants and her solid background in the AWA method.

“I strongly recommend Katie as an editor and a facilitator who combines a refined artistic sensibility with a grounded awareness of the vulnerabilities of writers.”

~ Kate Rogers

Testimonial from Poet/Writer Carole Giagrande

Kate Flaherty inspires confidence, allowing you to connect with your strengths while offering both gentle critiques and excellent pointers on the art of poetry. Working with her has been a pleasure and has added new depth to my writing practice.

~ Carole Giangrande, author of The Tender Birds and All That Is Solid Melts Into Air