We’ve had to postpone twice, but this year Inkslingers will be going to Tuscany Italy in the Fall of 2022! 

Details are here on the Inkslingers website. 


I’m delighted to be heading to Europe once again on another Inkslingers Literary Adventure!

My cofacilitators, James Dewar and Sue Reynolds are also experienced AWA facilitators and accomplished writers. Sue has been leading writing retreats internationally since 2010.

Inkslingers has developed a three-pronged approach to exploring other countries:

  • Working closely with experienced, professional tour companies, they organize an itinerary that provides an in-depth exploration of the history and landscape of each country.
  • They delve into some of the best writers of the countries they visit to both learn about the sensibilities and enjoy the essence of each country’s culture. They also draw upon the works of these authors to inspire participant writing: one author each day. (Don’t worry, there are no tests!)
  • Thirdly, we offer an optional guided restorative yoga practice every morning (that’s my job!). Beginning the day with a short, body-centered focus, both limbers up the muscles and establishes a mind-body liaison that contributes to excellent writing during the workshop later that morning.

I’m writing this at the beginning of February – we plan to publish all the details very shortly when the tour company has completed their proposal.  If you’re interested, please email info@inkslingers.ca and ask us to notify you as soon as registration is open!