Testimonial from Dianah Smith writer, teacher, arts educator

“Stillpoint Editing Circle is a safe and affirming space for writers at all stages of their craft. Facilitator  Katie Marshall-Flaherty creates an environment that honours vulnerability and encourages risk-taking. Whether your  poem is ‘almost there’ or still fledgling, at the end of the workshop you will leave with a piece that sings and a spirit that’s been nourished. “

~ Dianah Smith 

Testimonial from poet & award-winning playwright Donna Langevin

“Kate Marshall Flaherty is a master at guiding and teaching about poetic craft organically, using the AWA Method in her StillPoint Editing Circles. Poets come with a piece, and leave not only with the makings of a fully-realized, polished and honed poem, but many tools and insights into craft elements such as effective line breaks, enjambments, sound, rhythm, stanza placement, title and overall emotional tone and theme.. The process takes place in a safe, thoughtful and collegial circle. Kate gives each writer a personally edited draft of their poem with edits, comments and suggestions as well. What great value!”

~ Donna Langevin