I am delighted to collaborate with cellist Kye Marshall, with whom we improvised to create this Healing Tree poem to music

Healing Tree

Lysosomes are healing enzymes found in tears

Earthen brown humus,
,,,,,,,,,,thick with verdant fungi—
,,,,,,,,,,good soil—
in communities of colours

White roots, fingering deep
down into ground—
,,,,,,,,,,communities of roots—

tree base camp for all colours of creatures
holey homes, resting places, perches for births
,,,,,,,,,,and eggs—
,,,,,,,,,,twiggy knots for nests—

tree-rings, life-lines, circles of sanctuary—
,,,,,,,,,,xylem and phloem—
life and decay

breath-mist, prism droplets, air exchange—
,,,,,,,,,,in reciprocity with us—

blue clear water

branches greening
,,,,,,,,,,tips towards yellow sun—

,,,,,,,,,,in every colour—

‘til seeds fall back to earth—

tree-tears too—

darkening brown rich ground, richer,
again and again …

sap-clear tree-tears too
,,,,,,,,,,are healing