I am honoured that Lori H. Ersomaz chose my poem, “Practicing Like Water,” read by Nik Sebastian, from Moving Poems, to create this evocative film. It made it to the world poetry forum and others. What a privilege to have such a gifted film-maker work with my words!

Practicing Like Water





Crumbs of sleep in my eye.

Dream residue.


I squeeze my lids tight,

burrow deeper

into the warm blanket-folds,

wanting to go back

where I am sharing a meal with you

at a sunny pine table.

Cascade Mountain through the glass.


No need to speak,

or hold hands,

peaceful silence dissolving

into one smile like water.





The weightless feeling still fluttering

in the cage of my ribs.


Why do we waken

with such longing, sometimes?


Have we been floating with angels?

Practicing for death,

in sleep?


Are we slipping into a pool

where dream and dreamer are one?


Are we each a cup of water

poured into the sea?


practicing like water is from Reaching V