I am so proud to add this Georgian Bay Project winner “Rose Quartz,” featuring my son Gabe Flaherty’s music and sound, and my friend Mark Korven’s filming and editing. It features sunset at Harold’s Point, Killbear Park, a place close to my heart.

Rose Quartz


Veins of Canadian Shield

cut through sedimentary rock—

blushing  against

storm-cloud grey—


streaks of sparkle

in a ridge of rock.


The white pines hold their ground;

their tenacious roots grip coastal crags


as gulls lift their piercing cries

above branch-brooms

whisking away cirrus clouds.


Pink quartz, not white

as chickadee bib or bulrush pulp,


but a flush in a harsh landscape,

a bit of rose in rock’s hard history.


These poems on my website, “Canoe,” “Rose Quartz” and “Jack Pine”, are all in my upcoming book, “Titch,” and were winners of the 2018 King Foundation Georgian Bay Project.