I am pleased that my poem, “Sisters,” is in the League of Canadian Poet’s tree poem anthology, Heartwood, for the Love of Trees.

This recording of sisters is to the haunting musical bedrock by Mark Korven, and put to film by my dear friend, and publisher of Piquant Press, Sue Reynolds.


shush like nurses


Leaf-breeze shimmering

undersides silver-green.


I feel your gnarled roots

fingering deep into the earth,

as grounded as I wish to be.


Sisters, you who tickle

heaven with slender tips,

who stand dirt-sure,

may I bask in the cool

shade of your wisdom?


You speak to me whispering

tree-secrets in the language

of lush and leafy greens,

exhaling inspiration—


Gifts of breath we give each other.



Sisters was originally published in where we are going by Piquant Press.