Who I am as a Workshop Facilitator

I have over 30 years experience in animating and facilitating interactive and inspirational workshops in writing, editing, and poetry writing, fiction and memoir.

I have worked with every age group and community, from Grade Two Classrooms to Seniors’ communities. I have been a “Poet in the Schools” throughout Ontario and all of Canada. I work with musicians as well, and have created a fundraiser music and poetry workshop that has been around Canada, from Cobalt out to Jasper; this has raised over $1600 for the Alzheimer Society of Canada alone.

I’m also certified in the Amherst Writers Method of facilitating workshops – a method with a 30+ year history of creating safe space to experiment and grow as a writer.

StillPoint Writing Workshops

Come for four hours of prompted writing in a safe, inspiring and strength-based circle with award-winning writer, editor, performer and workshop facilitator Kate Marshall Flaherty. We will use prompts, poetry, music, and surprises to spill words onto page and deepen craft organically, in the AWA Method, inspired by Pat Schneider, author of Writing Alone and With Others. Come with an open mind … leave with a full notebook!



180 Pickering St.
Toronto, ON
M4E 3J8

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StillPoint Editing Circle

Each participant is invited to send Katie a poem two weeks ahead of time to get focused feedback; then each participant comes to the editing circle bringing as many copies of that poem to the group as there are participants (usually 8, maximum).
Commentary is in the AWA Method. We will start by discussing what is already working well in the poem, look at craft elements, form, figurative language, etc. Then we will investigate what could be tightened up, improved, honed or pruned to make the poem the best possible version of itself. We will polish up the poem to be a gem that is worthy of publication or contest. We will learn sound editing practices through giving and receiving feedback And each participant goes home with extensive notes from Katie as well as from each participant in the group.

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Contact Katie

Contact me if you’re interested in a workshop on writing, editing, performing, or you’re interested in a musical poetry fundraiser show.

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Schedule for Winter Spring 2020



Writing Workshops

for generating new material

Editing Workshops

for polishing existing pieces

Aug 16, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Sept 20, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Oct 19, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Nov 29, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Dec 12, Sat, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Jan 17, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Feb 7, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Mar 20, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Apr 18, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

May 16, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Jun 13, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm


Aug 17, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Sep 21, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Oct 18, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Nov 30, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Dec 13, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Jan 18, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Mar 21, Sun, Zoom 1-3:30pm

Apr 19, Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm

May 17 Mon, Zoom 1-3:30pm


SPECIAL! $75 for any two workshops during COVID times

Regular session price: $45
(sliding scale available if you are a student or need financial assistance – contact Katie to inquire)